DAY 3: Dinosaurs, parks,best couple EVER and a Birthday Boy!

Fernbank Museum of natural history:

After we got done at our fun stops during the day we had some extra time to walk around downtown Atlanta and find some parks! Here are alot (sorry) of pictures of us just spendin some time with the fam!

THe Best couple EVER!!! I gotta say My Dad & Tammi and by far one of the BEST couples I know, plus I get to have them as parents!!! They Made this Weekend! MY kids LOVE them, they took the time to play, laugh and get to know them! THey are always making us laugh, they are easy to talk to and so much fun! There are a couple that are meant for each other and I am so glad my Dad married Tammi! Here are a few pictures of them just being them ( Be careful they steal cameras) ;)

This kid is pretty lucky! Not only did her turn 5 ( the magical number if you ask him) but he got to have this BIG awesome birthday weekend with family and he got presents! I must say though my cake did not turn out like the picture AT ALL, LOL! Maverick kept asking me what it was ( a snake FYI) and where was the head? great my snake cupcake plan failed! Go Me! But it did taste normal and thats all that matter. He is so excited to be 5 and he LOVES all his gifts, thank you Dad, Tammi & Ambrie for an awesome weekend, it wasnt long enough! WE LOVE YOU!!

Day two: Georgai Aquarium & World of Coca-Cola!

DAY 2 !!!

Look us looking at fish HAHA !! This is pretty amazing though, it is the world largest aquarium and contains between 100,000 and 120,000 fish and other sea creatures, representing more than five hundred species. It has six different galleries: Georgia Explorer, Tropical Diver, Ocean Voyager, Cold Water Quest, River Scout, and Dolphin Tales. Each corresponds to a specific environment.

As an added bonus to our entry into the aquarium we got tickets to Quick Dip! its a 20 minute tour behind the scenes of the aquarium. We got to go up top and look down into the tanks and see how everything works and where the divers go into the tanks

The kids loved these hands on petting tanks ( featuring bonnethead sharks and cownose rays) Lucy wanted to just jump on in and join the fishes!

Next stop: World of Coca-Cola!!
This worked out perfectly cause it was right across the street from the aquarium (SWEET!)!

Did I mention that this place has an enitre room just to trying soda! Yup, they have over 60 different soft drinks that you can try, that come from all around the world and of course they have coke! we LOVED it! I have to admit event though I LOVE coke this place was a little over the top and made it sound like coke was a cure for cancer or something! One room was a theater that showed coke comercials from way back and when u get done watching them you feel like coke is some kind of magical drink! LOL

How many pics does it take us to get a group pic right with our 3D glasses on? ( actually about 12 ha ha) also never give my dad a camera to take a group pic he will document the whole thing LOL

While some of us were in the 4D coke movie Dwight and Lucy decided to stroll around and wait, here is a sweet picture of Lucy that dwight took!

Mav was sad for some reason and sweet Ambrie was cheering him up!

At the very end, every guest gets an 8 oz. glass bottle as a gift, well if you know my dad at all you know he went through this line about 3 times to get tonz of bottles that he stashed under MY stroller ( thanx dad hope we dont get caught )! of course in section 3 column b paragraph 4 of the Steve Hansen rule book " he never gets caught" Ha Ha! in this pic it shows papa steve and mav engaging in illegal activites! ha ha