some pics by me!!!

I was lookin at some of last years pics and I thought i would share some, oh how i miss my camera and utah! hope you enjoy!

My day in a nut shell!!

HOLY SHENANS!! is all i can say about my day today! It started out with waking up super flippin early to take Dwight to work so I could have the car. Our first stop was the hospital to get a pregnancy before you start freaking out and calling me please read on........I needed the test so i can get on birth control. i think its kinda rude to do that to a women who has a two month old, like I need the stress on wondering CRAP am i pregnant, no im not pregnant...well maybe.. no defiantly not pregnant!!
anyways we enter the hospital find our way back to our window to check in and they send me to another window to check in. I then explain to the front desk lady that I'm here to get a prego test done so i can get the shot, she says ok please take this paper and s wait over there, so i head over to the seat where i will spend the next 30 minutes waiting for my name to be called, and yet i dont ever here it, so i wait some more (still not name called) Ok so now im pissed because now 5 people have gone ahead of me and nothin, so i go once again to the front desk to ask how much longer, the lady looks at me and asks for my last name again and says whats your sons name, The PREGNANCY test is for me (not my three year old son, who better not be havin sex and the fact that he is male and 3 yrs old ). OH she says well i can' t give you the results to that, thats funny i say because i havn't taken the test yet, OH she says again, well your gonna have to go to the lab for that. I almost reached across that mini table and strangled the women, but instead i thanked her through my clenched teeth and headed to lab, where i again I wait, this time my sweet maverick decides to bounce off the walls and and some times actually bang his head against it. After about 20 minutes or so i look up and YES my number is next and then I hear those awesome words MOM I NEED TO PEE, nooooo, " can you hold it son" no i need to pee now ( i swear they wait till its basically coming out) alright alright lets go. so we wrap speed it to the bathroom run back and yay we made it. I got back get my blood taken and run out of that buliding as fast as i can! Dont you worry i still have the grocery to go to ( an adventure all on its own with a three old who touches everything and a nursing baby), where i have 20 minutes to buy as much as i can till i have to pick dwight up for lunch then go back to the hospital for my results ( which when i went back were still pending) then back to the grocery store to buy what i didn't have time to buy the first time. LOVE IT!!! I guess its round 3 for the hospital tomorrow!!

And that was my vent session thank you and goodnight :)

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