soccer season has begun!!

Soccer season has started here on Fort benning and that means awesome nights out to go watch daddy play! Dwight LOVES soccer and he is awesome on the field! Maverick doesn't really watch the games for long he's usually busy playing on the bleachers or making friends! Lucy is always a trooper and just enjoys watching the game and clapping when she hears everyone cheering! we are loving this time of year before the heat really sets in!

Local Critters!!!

Maverick and I went outside in the back yard to finally plant the strawberry plants we bought and we found a friend!! It took Dwight and Maverick a minute to catch him with him jumpin and runnin around, but they got him :) and of course played with him for a while before letting him go! Maverick was a little sad but we told him we could try to find him another day and that he would help eat all the bugs in the strawberry garden ( hopefully not the strawberries :S)