8 Things

I saw this tag game on sarah fryers blog so i thought it would be fun to do!!! hope you all enjoy

8 T.V. Shows I Watch...
1. The Hills
2. greys anatomy
3.Jon & kate plus 8
4. one tree hill
5. desperate house wives
6. army wives
7. The starter wife
8.true life( well whenever it comes on.)

8 Things That Happened Yesterday...
1.went to work
2. changed 24 diapers
3.made a pumpkin flash light
4. watched my husband carve a badass pumpkin
5.went to halloweenspooktacular
6. entered Maverick in a costume contest( he won )
7. talked to tiff on the phone
8.payed bills

8 Favorite Places to Eat...
1. Mcdonalds
2.olive Garden
3. Chilis
4. applebees
5. cafe rio
6. frost top drive in
7. quiznos
8.crackers barrel

8 Things On My Wish List:
1. be out of debt
2. get a second car
3. own a house
4. more clothes, more nice and cute clothes
5. to travel around the world
6. to own all my favorite flicks
7.for Maverick to sleep better
8. to have an amazing job

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1.maverick being potty trained
2. visiting st. george, i miss you dad !!!
3. a big family picture
4. moving out of this hole of an apt.
5. summer time so we can go boating, i love lake powell
6.seeing my husband naked tonight ha ha :)
7. finishing the twilight series again, i can't wait for the movie
8. and of course people commenting on my blog

I want to tag
1. Tiffany
3. darren and allyson
5. sarah mac

I love pumpkins!!!

So my amazing husband carved this amazing pumpkin, it was mine but he kinda took over and i must say he out did himself. Go dwight I love you!!!

Happy Halloween from the Gardners

my sister cam over and carved pumpkins with us and it was a blast, her pumpkin is the next picture, i love it it is a classic pumpkin.

Mav decorated these pumpkins he did a great job. they were my sisters idea, good idea tiff there is no mess.

Our maverick with his crazy pumpkin, he loves it

our little dragon. ROAR!!!!!!!

BIG #2 for our Mav

Thanks for the smile ty!!! :)
Its the girls!!!
My dad came down from st. george to be here for the party, it made the weekend. i was so happy my family was here to help me celebrate.
hey hey it izzy. she was so sad when her parents left to go the store, stranger danger stage gotta love it

Papa and his grandkids, i dig this picture. My dad is so great with them all. I love you Dad!!!
I got him a Thomas the Train cake. and he loved it, he blew out his candles the first time it was so cute. My brother deric was so funny he got a music candle that went on the cake and he mad the whole party sing to the song of the candle it was funny gotta love him.

uncle Ty was putting mavericks gun belt on him, ty was so excited about this gift, he was remembering the good old times when he played with his gun set, mav of course wanted nothing to do with it.
Hey now those are some good looking people and there kids are freaking cute as well, the apple doesn't fall from the tree!!!

THE BIRTHDAY BOY!!!I love this picture of us. He's my stinker butt!!
Of course i went camera crazy that day and i thought this was a way cut shot of mav at tiffs house
The proud parents, ha ha. I think dwight loved taking this photo. can't you just see the love!!!

I can't believe he is two already, he is just getting sooo big. he got a ton of toys and books and clothes and he loves all of it. Thank you everyone for coming.