Night out at the farm!!!

Dwight Me and Mav went to Tiff and Ty's to hang out, so i decided to take some pics, we love hangin out here with them there is always something to do or talk about. Ty had to fix his bull, the bull had some kind of infection it was way nasty. the farm is fun to take pics of , hope you like my pics.

July 24th

We had a blast in st. george with my dad. we basically went swimming the whole time. oh course we missed the fireworks again, we waited up till 10:30 and then gave and went to bed. My mom and dean were done and so were deric and ashley. I gotta see my little brother and niece Izabella, they are sooo cute. I also took some pictures with my new camera my dad got for me. let me know what you think. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Daniel and Kyrie

These are some cute pics I took of them.

Daniel and Kyrie are engaged and are getting married August 16th hurray. She looks way cute in her dress. They are sooo cute together

Cowboy up

TY was kicking but putting this bull back in the pen. Hes one heck of a cowboy and the nicest guy you'll ever meet.
The face off, Thats bull is thinking oh shit I'm screwed. I love this shot of Ty!

I took this picture right before the bull hit the fence, the picture before is the after math of it all, the rider got right up though it was kinda cool.

This was my favorite shot of the evening!!

I love this shot. I keep wondering what is going through the riders head right before they open the gate. Cowboys are one tuff group of guys and they are way nice and super funny, everyone should know at least one cowboy!! yee haw

These are some cool shots I took of My sisters Husbands friends bucking out on some of his bulls. I thought they were pretty cool.

Zoo Advetures

I went to the zoo with my sister-in-law and Friends, we had lots of fun but the heat was deadly. Here is the whole crew outside of the zoo entrance.

more pics of the fourth

Mavericked loved riding this mini pony, he was very angry when he had to get off.

This is my sister and my best friend. Aint she way pretty. She is 37 weeks pregnant with her first child and it a boy, I'm so excited for and i cant wait to meet the new little one, he's gonna be one hell of a cowboy. :)

Happy Fourth of July!!!

The 4th was sooo hot!! I bought a new camera today hurray!! & i was picture happy according to my husband. We also took my son Maverick to aunt Tiffy's and looked at the bulls,he had a blast as always. Then later we went to a lake and played by the water and took more pictures ha ha, oh and i pushed my mom's pitbull off the dock and into the water and dont worry the dog can't swim and my prego sister jumped and saved it!!