enjoying the november weather!!!

These are attempts of mine to get out of the house with kids and to play with the light with my camera, my kids are gonna have TONZ of pics for there wedding videos LOL! here are some the pics!!!

girls and their shoes

During the many hours of the day that Lucy and I just hang out and play, today we found ourselves by the little window by our front door playing with shoes and I just had to pull out my camera and capture her trying on her first pair of heels!

Maverick & The Polka Dot fairy!

Had an awesome Halloween this year, Maverick banked on the candy this year! We didn't get to carve pumpkins cuz Im a slacker and didn't go looking for them until the weekend before :( ! We went trick-or-treating with our friends and we had a blast! lucy was miss independent and had to do everything by herself, walking up to each house at her own speed and on her own path,, . Maverick LOVED his costume, "Im Maverick, the pilot" HAHAHA I was impressed on how long he wore his sunglasses why he zoomed from house to house filling up his treat bag!!!

Here is our attempt at finding pumpkins, all the normal size ones were either taken or $30! so we passed!! but hey we had lots of fun!

A peek from the past: