St. George!!! :)

So Maverick and I are in St. George again and were super excited about it, we love coming to papa steve and grandma Tammi house!!! I've officially decided that maverick and I are nomads and we go where the wind takes us, and i guess it was blowing south this time! We are going to be enjoying the no snow and the sun, i will be posting some awesome pictures of all our fun times, we just wish daddy could be with us right now! We love and miss you so much dwight!!
Come what may and love it!!

Family Day and BCT Graduation in OKlahoma!

saying goodbye to Dwight on our last night in Oklahoma. He showed us around the barracks and then we visited and then gave kisses goodbye, we will miss you dwight(daddy) see you may!! I LOVE YOU!!

Dwight and Drill SGT Anderson!

Here we are with the Jensen's on graduation day, they have become are really good friends, we will miss you guys!!!

This is Dwight and his good friend Jensen!!

Dwight and his platoon! The Bulldawgs!

Dwight with his platoon outside after graduation!! he looks so good in his uniform!

Here is Dwight on graduation day, they weren't allowed to look at us, i felt kinda weird taking the picture ha ha!

These are some pictures of us on Family day! we had such a good day, we ate lunch and dinner at some yummy places then we just hung out together, it was good to see and touch my hubby!! I miss you Dwight!

when i went to my dr's appointment for my ultrasound on the 8th i had the doctor put the sex of the baby on a card and put it in an envelope so dwight and i could open it together, here are the pictures of us opening it. FYI ITS A GIRL!!! hurray dwight is so ready for his little miss to come!!!

Dwight at the Family day presentation. He received his expert marksmanship award, and he got a promotion! GO DWIGHT Im so proud of you!!!

My awesome little family on family day!! My hubby looked so good that day YUMMY!

Maverick waiting for our plane at the airport!! He did so well on the plane rides. He sat next to papa doug and we could hear him giggling the whole time!! go papa doug!


one birthday and one hospital visit!

This week has extra busy and also extra boring at points. Our week started off great when we went to church with my mom and step dad, my mother gave an amazing lesson on temples in relief society and my son went to primary for the first time, i still can't believe Maverick is a sunbeam! He loved singing the songs and listening to the lesson. I was also touched that day by an army wife that gave her testimony about how she just sent her husband to Iraq last week, she talked about how she feels comforted with the fact that no matter what happens she will always be with him forever, I really enjoyed it and enjoyed church!!
Also this week maverick has been complaining about his ears and coughing really bad so I made an appointment, come to find out her had double ear infections, big shocker there, maverick has gotten an ear infection every month since his tubes fell out :(!
But the doc, said nothing about his coughing hmmm. well the next day his cough got worse and was he was actually starting to wheez ( sorry about my awesome spelling) , he was coughing all day and was throwing up his food, my aunt noticed how bad it was and said i should got to primary's to get him checked out, so when i heard that my mom and I jumped in the car and headed down. The doc. there said it was bad and they had to give him a steroid to bring down the swelling and they gave a breathing treatment that lasted an hour , thank goodness for the movies and toys for him to play with :) ! We also enjoyed the amazing cafeteria food that is also very cheap! They also think that maverick has asthma and that i need to take him to a specialist. They sent me home with an inhaler and steroid medicine! Maverick is doing much better now! He does great with his inhaler, everytime he does it we let him put a sticker on it!
On to the birthday update! My birthday was great, My mom and step dad took me out to dinner and my aunt danielle joined us, we went to chili's YUM-O and then the girls went to a flick, we went to It's Complicated, meryl streep is in it, at first i thought this is gonna be a stupid show but i was so wrong, i think we were the loudest people in the theater, we were laughing and crying and screaming, it was the best ever!! I needed a good laugh! Also the best news of the whole day, my hubby called me, i started crying the second i heard his voice! it was so great to have him call me on my birthday, i mean what more could i have asked for, that was the best 3 min. converstaion ever, PLUS he got to call me today as well WOOT WOOT I am such a lucky girl. to top off the first half of the week as well my mom and dad bought me tonz of new maternity clothes, I love all of them too!

I hope everyone is having a great week as well, tomorrow i get to find out what were having!

Maverick's resolution!!!

This was a big moment in our small family, Maverick is off the soft sippy. Dwight and I decided that he need to finally say goodbye to them, so we told mav is was time to be a big boy and get new sippies. so we gathered up all of them and had him throw them all away and say goodbye then we took him to wal-mart and let him pick out three new ones!! I was so proud of him and he is doing great, no fuss at all so far! GO MAVERICK! we love our big boy!