last weekend!! & more updates! :)

these events are all in random order sorry!!

Well we did sorta lots of things My sister and I went up to provo to my soon to be step sisters bridal shower which was lots of fun except for that i totally blew chunks in the parking lot of bed bath & beyond, sorry to the red car i puked next to.
but the shower was fun we met there family and they were all way nice and welcoming. We went to olive garden and girl talked for a long time (sorry jeff!!) Sunday dwights cousin got home from him mission so we went to his home coming and to a dinner with all of dwights family. And I got sick again that night and stayed home from work monday. Today i bucked up and went to work, Mav had a blast and when we got home we played in our back yard which was tonz of fun. so far the things that im happy for this year are. My sister who is my other half and i could not make it through anything withour her. My dad who is my best friend i can tell him anyhthing ( Tami, who i can't wait to join the fam) My mom who is my everything!! My brother deric without you i would'nt have noonie,i love our laughs together and how we can never stop, how everything is so damn funny. you have taught me how everything can have a deeper meaning. to ashley my sister in-law I love that we have always gotten along and that i can blog with you and you keep me motivated to keep doing it. I love you guys and my sweet bella. My inlaws, who can drive me crazy but i have to admit i love and they really do so much for me and I love hanging out with, (Jayline: you are really great and i appreciate you so much thank you) Can'r forget my hubby and son I love you and you keep me going!!! my new house, & tv :) my co-workers who keep me laughing and helo me stay sane! My Bf lissa love ya bud!! TO my sister in laws all of you I love you all and you keep life interesting!! etc etc. I'll stop!! it gotta a little emotional there for a sec haha!!!
Well valentines day was super as always, Dwight and I have a tradition of just getting Dominos Pizza every year instead of going out and this year dwights brother Darren showed and watched movies with us on our new huge tv which i love (what can i say I'm a huge tv and movie buff) . Dwight bought me a white orcid plant that i love and I made him this outstanding music video to proclam my crazy love for him :) I got the idea from my sister-in law cami who did it for her husband. I hope you all enjoy it . My other sister inlaws help me put it together and it was a blast we laughed all day long, thats right it took all day long, with all the filming and then the best part of editing was all just alot of fun and I can't wait to make another one!

Happy Birthday Dwight and Doug

The whole entire Gardner went up north on the 31st to get family pics done and to have doug's surprise 50th birthday party. It was lots of fun and Jayline and Deana (dwight's mom and sister) did a great job with the party and plus Doug was totally surprised, it was also way fun to see all of Dwights family, they are a great bunch to hang out with & there is never a dull moment. dougs party and all the people talking about Doug really opened my eyes to what a great guy my father in-law is Doug has always been great to me and is an amazing papa to Mav We love you doug(dad) Happy Birthday. Also my Hubby turned 24 on the 3rd and we went out to dinner and went to walmart talk about a night out haha. Happy Birthday Honey Your the most loving,sweet, honest, sexy, talented, best father, & lover and I love you so much. I hope you like the pics everyone!!!