Lucy's Blessing!!


Better late then never i suppose was our moto here! It was Saturday night when the Gardner women were dong what they do best sitting in the living chatting when we had the grand idea of blessing my sweet Lucy the next day, I mean why not everyone was there that needed to be and Dwight and I had been total slackers in not blessing our daughter so it was a great idea a little last minute but hey why not. So the plan went into action, I called my family and my mother-in-law Jayline did what she did best and planned something for dinner for 20 something people who would join us in less then 24 hours! The next day My hubby blessed our sweet Lucy and it was amazing GO DWIGHT!!

Love this picture of them! I was so happy that My husband was able to bless her and with both our families there! Great day!

My daughter has developed a funny personality and she is a bit of a drama queen! I can only guess what shes thinking her, Uh dad no kisses for you i mean ewww gross! LOL

Our family pic to end! this was an unexpected event but it was great to have it done! Thank you to My sister also for lending me Dakota's blessing dress, now both our kids have been blessed in the same outfits which i think is super cool!