Crazy Sunday!!

This is my Favorite picture, i think i like it better than our pro picture, its just so us!!
like father like son. this picture cracks me up.

Here are some way funny pics of us just hangin around today.

Giddie up!!!

My mother in-law and sister in-law invited us out to the farm to go riding horses. it was tons of fun and of course i brought my camera out to see what fun things i could take pictures of. My favorite is of Destanie in front of the sun. oh can i just say my butt is killing me, Deana and Destanie couldn't stop laughing . I really enjoyed it and of course mav was in heaven. hope you like my pictures.. I love to hear your comments!!!

Fall pictures!!!!

My mom and i decided to have a little photo shoot out by her cabin and we had a ton a fun. We played by the lake and river and enjoyed the fall weather and the gorgeous moutains with the fall leafs changing colors. Maverick of course loved being outside and did'nt look into the camera once, thats my son the little stinker, and Jaxon my little brother is so freakin cute, but he never held still there was always something to see or a rock to eat ha ha, he is a turtle this year for halloween and it totally fits him perfect. I also took some water pictures too, hope you like. :)

The Big Apple

So I just got home from NYC and it was the best trip. My dad promised me he would take me one day and that day finally came. We landed in New York and got down to buisness. We went to central park and went on a bike tour, this russian boy drove us around and told us about all the sights. we thought it was a nice way to see the whole park in about an hour. After the park we headed back to our hotel to check out other things around the city and we just happen to run into people setting up the NFL kickoff party that was being held the next day, and of course my dad was way excited. I got pretty excited too when I found out that Natasha beddingfield, kieth Urban and Usher were performing and it was for free all you had to do was show up, me and my dad were all over it. It was getting around dinner time and we heard that the food in SOHO was really good so we jumped on the subway and headed down, of course it was our first time on the subway so i was pretty sacred about getting lost, there are so many trains and they are all going in different directions. but of course my dad was the total oppisite, he was completely fascinated with it and talked to anyone he could, which totally embarressed me. Anyways after arriving in SOHO we ate dinner at a little restaurant named 169 and it was the best pork chop I had eaten, sorry mom. The next day we hit all the stops, the statue of liberty, Ellis Island, Wall Street and of course the NFL kick off party, and can i just say i have never seen so many people in my life standing together in the heat of the sun. The whole crowd was sweating and smoking and it was just insane. We cut the concert short and went back to the hotel and passed out of the beds. Our hotel was in the middle of Time square so we ate at all the little food joints in the area. We had a routine of stopping my a shop called smilies and getting fresh fruit or in my dads case hard boiled eggs and carrot sticks for snack or midnight snacks.

My aunts Pam and Camille showed up the next day or should i say the next morning at the crack of dawn, and we got right to buisness again, we first headed over to The Today which was way fun and of course Micheal Buble was performing and i got to see that hurray hurray. Next we went to little italy for lunch and greenwich village for sight seeing. Little was and experience all on its own, it was crazy busy with people. It was cool to see how these people lived everyday like this in the crazy city. That we went to WICKED the broadway play and it was freaking awesome, now i know why shiela is so crazy about it, I loved every minute of it. Pam well she fell asleep ha ha. The next day the U.S. open time. My aunts had tickets for that night so they stayed behind and My dad and I went to flushing meadows and got to see the men semi-finals which was freaking awesome as well. My aunts missed there games due to rain which sucked and they were pretty pissed about it. high five dad we gotta see the u.s. open oh yah!!!
The next day we had to fly home so we filled the day with the brooklyn bridge and art.
The week was awesome and of course my buns and legs are very tone due to all the walking. Thanks dad so much for and amazing trip Im glad i got to go with you. it was some good QTWD in NYC. I love you dad.

Slide show of all pics at the bottom of the page and the history of the subway it on the right of the page!

Jumping around

These are just some pictures of us hanging out in the Gardners back yard with the kids. They love to jump on the trampoline, they are getting really good at it too.