Killer boots man!!!

Mavericks words when he sees this pic " I water da plants mom"

Come snow, rain, hail or heck sunny clear skies my son will wear his snow boots any where!!! He usually wont go outside without them, hey at least i'm getting my 20 dollars out of them ha ha!!!

yummy yummy grape ice cream

Check out the bottom of the page!!!

I got this from The Forrey's blog and I LOVE IT!!! Cami you should appreciate this!! hope you enjoy it

{ Jon Schmidt!!!!}

Maverick goes to the zoo

The Zoo. What toddler doesn't love the zoo, Maverick loved every single animal. we went with dwights brother dj and his wife and girls (cami,hazel&violet) and Dwight sister deana and her family josh, savannah and deric. we all had a blast, from josh feeding the giaffes trees to sharing ice cream,the bird show and the two minute train ride it was a great day.hope you love the pics ( my favorite part)

Maverick's 24 hr. scofield adventures

so i know i added a ton of pictures but i had so many fav's. we had a blast with my mom, dean and jackson. i love when we hang out with them i love you mom i already miss you. maverick loved it the whole time since being outside is his world, he went fishing,we went on a row boat ride, we made a campfire, went on a walk and watched brother bear ha ha it was the best. I hope you all love the picture post ha ha.

I've Lost my mind but found my camera card!!!

Hurray so my camera card was in my sister couch and i have to say i think my sneaky son was responsible for that trouble. SO i have been taking some pic of our awesome but uneventful life.
Things that have happened her in Gardner world:

*Dwight joined the army and leaves oct. 13 for 32 weeks of training an i will be an official army wife hoorah!!
*Maverick will hopefully get into preschool this fall and will be potty trained cross your fingers
* My sister is OFFICIALLY a Noyes everyone shout Hurray!!!
*I chopped all my hair off again!! Its now a really short a-line
*My job at the daycare is super super and i love working with all the ladies
*Bella my niece turned one can't believe it Happy birthday bella (sorry i'm late)
* and hey i hopefully will be blogging more I know everyone can't wait
*We planted a garden in our backyard, we have corn, tomatoes,cucumber,snap peas and carrots mav loves it and i think its pretty awesome myself