Month of the Military child!!

So this is one of the reason i dig mavericks preschool and his teacher Miss Ina( Maverick LOVES LOVES LOVES his teacher), they always do fun stuff for the kids!
This month besides celebrating Easter it is also the month of military child, so they had all the kids get dressed in red white and blue and they did lots of fun crafts, a parade where they gave all the kids some kind of musical instrument to make noise with and an american flag to wave and a kid comedian guy come entertain the kids!!! super fun day at preschool

Movie under the stars!!


So super fun right, Movie under the stars!! I thought this would be a fun way to enjoy the mild spring they have here and plus Maverick and I LOVE LOVE LOVE movies!!
We invited our friends to come join (Hailey & Ammon)! maverick loves these guys.
We also borrowed my friend Jessica's popcorn bucket and filled it up and the theaters before heading over to the show so we would have LOTS of popcorn to eat!!!

This was an awesome night!!

Lucy meets dirt!!

ok so i might of broke some rules here by letting my 10 month old crawl around in the dirt, but she LOVED it! She ate almost everything, form dirt to rock and even some roots she found ha ha. Don't worry I didnt actually let her have it in her mouth for to long :)!! she also rubbed some dirt in her hair to top of the day!

We are trying to do something to this sad little yard we have, we have trimmed the bushes that were taking over and made a little flower garden! Mav and I also put together some potted plants to help out too! wish us luck on trying to d-ghetto our yard!!!

take me out to the ball game....take me out to the crowd!!!!

Maverick very 1st T-ball game!!! he #41 find him the pictures!!!

He LOVES LOVES LOVES playing baseball! He gets so excited when he gets to put on his jersey and special shoes to go play. His Mitt is so little and cute, he can't really catch the ball yet but he is great at chasing it around the field :)! He favorite thing to do is hit the ball, he can actually hit it without the tee which is so great!

Maverick getting ready for his first game!

loves being apart of a team and hangin in the dug out!

Sorry for all the pics, but of course i couldn't help myself :)!! He hit the ball great, he ran around the bases great, and he even scored!!! He is getting so BIG and I can't believe it! They don't keep score at this age which is a good idea ha ha but the kids love it, he was exhausted afterward if you can't tell from the pic in the car LOL, we also moved him into a booster seat so he has to find creative ways to sleep now, it cracks me up to turn around to see him sleeping that way! i hope you enjoyed all the pics!! GO MAVERICK