our new hobby!!!

August is apparently crazy post month for me!!!!! well we actually found a hobby besides sitting our butts ha ha!!!! its skimmin and i will thank my brother for that, well the weird thing is that Dwight's family started the sport down here in st. george and his cousin is a pro skim boarder and is a huge legend so dwight better get good fast because it is in his blood. Richard gardner, dwights cousin went with them yesterday and of course i had to work so no cool pictures but dwight said they had a blast and i hope to get some amazing of him boarding. any who.. Mav loves finding the fishes, making sand castles and just digging in the mud, tonight he was bear and he was crawling through water and telling me to run away. dwight practiced his skills and i took pictures and watched my boys. I love our new hobby and just happy to be out of the house!!!

{thats nate otterson in the black and white photo jumping off the ramp!}

Mr. & Mrs. Hansen

Here are some cute pictures the photographer put up. She did a great job and she captured the day great! a few things i loved about the day: the yummy food, the funny guests, our wedding march dance down the aisle, my dad throwing Tammi in the pool after pics and of course gaining an awesome family!!! it was a great day and i will post more pictures and the wedding dance video!!

playing on the virgin!!!!

so deric invited dwight to go skim boarding and dwight invited me and maverick. we had a blast. Dwight tried skiming for he first time, i went crazy with my camera as you can see and maverick found the fish in the deeper end of water and carried them around saying there not dead there sleeping.. ha ha we had tonz of fun & were totally going back soon

First day of Preschool

Maverick started preschool today and i'm sooooo excited for him!! He was so excited to go, he loved his lighting- McQueen backpack and his pencil box full of all his school supplies. He showed them off to everybody inside, dwight took his backpack off and hung it up and mav headed straight for the toys, so i'm thinking great this is going to go super, HA, i leaned down and said k i love you have a great time and dwight hugged him goodbye and then the freak out happened, it was just super and the teacher said to just go so i waved goodbye and we left. Dwight and i were kinda laughing as we left because that is our maverick mr. emotional!!! well 3 hours later we returned to a happy maverick telling us all about his day and how he learned about the letter T and painted a school bus picture. cross your finger that thursday goes just as well. I totally see him loving preschool eventually ha ha!!!!

Weekend with the Family!!!

Here a some things that happened this weekend. Mav played with a snake with ryan and loved it i'm pretty sure mav is going to be the next steve irwin. Savannah and Hazel just being there cute selves and i love how they always match!!! and for all the people who stole my camera and gave some pretty funny pictures thank you!

All the girls, even grandma gardner doing the posh face, lets just say i need to practice ha ha!!!

I have 12 more pics of this goofy couple on my stolen camera, they are way cute together and are getting married in october!!

Mav was not to happy about this picture, it was super hot that morning and he was ready for a nap!!

Here is Heather & David, the happy couple,

Here's all the family that could make it on the St. george temple steps!!

The famous three stooges!! we were waiting to eat olive garden, yeah bad idea taking 4 toddlers to dinner :)!!

Dwight's cousin got married this week so the whole gardner family came down to party, the reception was tonz of fun and had some yummy food, it was great to see everyone miss you guys already!!

A ride to Zion!!!

Dwight & I went for a motorcycle ride to zion today and the weather was awesome and we had lots of fun. since we are totally not the hiking type we went to a 3D movie and the huge theatre there and it was cool. We ate lunch at a yummy burger place and saw huge elk that was behind the place, lets just day Dwight was in heaven, he almost jumped over the fence and shot them ha ha j/k. most of these pictures are when we are actually driving it was really fun and i loved spending the day with my hubby. Hope you dig the pics!!!

Goodbye JULY!!!

Wow july is gone!!! Now into FALL hurray, i love fall, summer is to hot, fall is full of color and crisp air and school will be starting soon, Mav will be starting preschool next week and i can't wait, if i could i would send all of you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils.. oh to be living in price and to be smelling the fall air!! :( I thought i would post some pictures of our july adventures as a fair well to july and a hello to up and coming FALL!!!