Happy Halloween!!!

This morning to start off are halloween day of fun and activities we headed to the main street halloween spooktacular in price. Mav was uncle Ty for halloween and i was a vampire queen, you can't really see my costume since i went cheap this year and all it is is a black t- shirt with a funky pattern on it ha ha!!! It was great fun, they had costume contests for all ages a magic show and lots and games and food which i would like to mention was all completely FREE. Maverick loved playing all the games and trick or treating at the stores on main street!! we have more trick or treating and the Haunted museam tonight for kids then were off to have dinner and halloween movie night with savannah!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE MUAH AH AH AH!!!

is crossing her fingers......

so i know m blog title is something you would normally put on fb, but i have decided to blog a little more. but i am crossing my finger and they will stay crossed till monday everyone please pray for us or wish us luck which ever is your style. Thanks

I love my solider!!!

Remember the big picture. On days when the strain of military life brings you down, be joyful for what you have: Life in a country of freedom, full of opportunity, and a spouse willing to defend it.

Crazy weekend!!!

This has officially been on crazy week!!!!!! we went to st. george to grab things out of storage and get paper work for dwight, we planned the party, made tonz of food, had a fake thanksgiving for dwight and had a wedding where i was the photographer and then we had dwights goodbye party and mavericks 3rd birthday party and then today we had our last sunday dinner together and then we have to drop my solider off tomorrow!!! I love you Dwight Gardner!!