Update on my Fam!!!

So in the past couple of months a lot of things has changed. My D-wight got an awesome job out in the oil fields which mean we got to move out of the horrible apartment and into a cute little house which is right around the corner from Dwights sister Deana and savannah, so now mav has a great buddy really close by. I myself got a job as well, i work at a local daycare so i get to bring Mav to work which is really awesome, it took awhile for us to adjust to the schedule but now it is really working great. Our new house is great, its just big enough for the three of us and plus it has a basement where i can hide all my laundry and crap ha ha. Dwight is still going to helicopter school on the weekends and Me and Mav miss him tonz because he is always gone. Life is great and i Love My sexy husband and how great he is to me and what an amazing dad he is.. I love my son, he keeps me going and is always making me smile, he is getting so smart and he is always surprising me with the things he says and is a ball of energy. I hope everyones year is going good so far and i look forward to a year of great blogging :)!!

whats a post?

So i have been totally slacking on putting posts up. i havn't really had my camera out for a while( ok a week but still) and we have been really busy working & basically having a toddler and a fulltime job doesn't give u much free time. hope everyone has a great valentines day


This was tonz of fun. My sister's in-laws the Noyes's went sledding and invited us to come. Maverick was in heaven, he has wanted to go play in the snow for a long time. Of course the weather has been really warm so finding a hill to go sledding on was tricky, but we did and it was a blast. We were all really warm the adults did'nt even wear jackets good times.

Happy Birthday Deric & me, & Braden's blessing

We all got together to celebrate birthdays and bradens blessing, it was awesome to have everyone together. I got photoshop which was freakin awesome and i got shoes, and a twilight shirt. Loved the presents. Happy Birthday Deric big 19 and Happy birthday to me Im 23 woo hoo!! I love you guys can't wait to get together again!1