nature walk :)

On the weekends we are usually bored and want to get out of the house so we always get ready and head to our trail that we found a few blocks from our house, its actually a fitness trail for runners but it works perfect for our family walks :)

Maverick ready to go with his camel pack! he loves our family walks!

Lucy loves these walks as well, she just hangs out and watches the trees pass by! she is my sweet girl, how can you not LOVE that face!!!

He is my hero!! Maverick talking his dads ear off. He is the boy with a million questions, good thing dad knows everything ;)
this is one of my favorite pics!

Here are few more pics of just one more of adventures here in Georgia! were are enjoying the cool winter months, because before we know it the intense summer heat will be here and our walks will be done and the swimming pool will be our best friend :)!

2010 Recap

is that a light at the end of the tunnel or an oncoming train i guess we will find out wont we!!!

My 2010 was full of all kinds of BIG events ( excuse the pictures i had to steal them from my facebook since im on my moms computer in utah) Where do i start hmmm, well i guess January look like a good place Heeerrree we go!

January 2010
Dwight Comes home for the New Year & Graduates From Fort Sill! Good Job baby HOOAH!

Oh and ITS A GIRL!!


I was a slacker this month with photos

Happy BIrthday Dwight BIG 25
and AIRBORNE baby!! we missed you!!

Maverick goes to the Dentist for the first time and he did GREAT!!! NO Sugar bugs(cavities) also some pictures of us just hanging out with our two favorite people, sienna and Jaxson!


Still Prego UGH & still missing my hubby! Due Date Jun 2 its coming!
Events that happened this month
Happy Birthday MOM!
UGH i didnt take a single pic this month!
MAY! Dwight FINALLY COMES HOME & we sealed as a family! also a weekend to put me into labor wahoo!


Our 5 day journey across the United states Here we come Georgia

( my family at the Colorado River, one of our many stops)

My kiddos and I in our house on Fort Benning!!



Happy 4th
and i must say fireworks on a Military base are BOMB!!!

Yep still HOTT so i guess the plan is to swim, swim and swim some more!!

Lets be honest here we were kinda lame in this month, but hey we had each other!

Blue and Magenta say Happy Halloween, Dwight gets a promotion & Happy 4th Birthday Maverick!!

This month was full of TONZ of family time and of course Thanksgiving!! I am thankful for my amazing family!

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UTAH, visiting family, Lucy's baby blessing and Christmas!!!

WOW! that was a crazy year!

Lets recap shall we
Dwight leaves for training
Dwight Finally Comes Home 33 weeks and 3 days later
We get sealed as a family
We Have a baby
Move across the country
Get settled and enjoy each other and have lots of new adventures
and come home to visit family

what a year, can't wait to see what 2011 brings for us!!