What Mav and I've been up to....

Yep so no pictures for this post because my camera is out of order, but i figured i could still post an update for all my devoted readers out there if there are any, if not i guess this is just another one of my post going out into space :)!!!
Well Mav and I are visting family! Maverick is officially in love with the gardners and hates to leave there house, i mean why leave when there's so much to do, like chase the ducks, dig in the dirt, go for four-wheel rides and play the cycle game with uncle dustin, playing with destanie's frog, doing dishes and cooking with grandma and watch papa doug fix cars. who needs me anyways ha ha!!!
I've also been sewing little misses blankets and picking out material for he crib set ill be making, also deana my sister-in-law is teaching me how to make tutu's and bracelets for our little girl too!!
Since we've been down here the weather has been soooo nice so my sister and I and have been taking walks and been enjoying her freaking awesome backyard.
Dwight's doing great at training he wil be home in around 8 weeks woot woot!!!
I hope they go by super duper fast!!

hope everyon else is enjoying this awesome weather and has a great easter!!

March is here!!

March woot woot!! to celebrate Maverick colored pictures for Dwight and we also sent him a green cookie and chocolate gold coins for good luck, I also made a list of why i'm so "lucky" to have him in my life!! Maverick loves sending his dad things in the mail and if it were up to him Dwight would get a new coloring page everyday in the mail!!!
Today we also enjoyed the sunshine and slight cool breeze by going outside. They made sand birthday cakes, played on the swings, played in the play house and raced cars down the slide!! it was great to be outside!! We are hoping for more warms days like today!!!