wanna watch Blue's Clues

who knew that a blue dog and a man in khaki pants and a green striped shirt would capture my daughters heart!
I guess if i think about it shes been watching it almost since birth, some of it due to lack of choice at first Im sure. when we first moved i wanted to jump on setting up a routine for both kiddos. Dinner, bath @ 730 then one cartoon for Mav, story time then lights out! by the time we got out of the tub got lotion on and in pjs and the tv on Blue Clues was on, and of course that started it all. so i guess almost everynight for a year now we have been watching it before bed! so somewhere between then and now she became hooked and now she requests it all the time, your wondering how does a 14 month old do that, yep she made up her own sign. She puts one hand out flat and uses a finger from the other hand to point. kinda like when steve says put it in your notebook!
anyways my whole point to this is that i took some pictures of here while she was enjoying her fav show!

just chillin

I love this sweet girl!


Extraordinary moments can happen in the middle of ordinary days!

* I will spend eternity knowing Maverick & Lucy as adults. But right here right now, and for the next few precious years, i have the rare privilege of knowing them as children!

I love you Maverick & Lucy!