weekend in st. george

so i had a blast this weekend, it was short but well worth drive. Tiff,Ty and braden and my whole bunch loaded up in tiffs eight person vehicle and head down to st geroge for the weekend. after battling rough winter conditions we made it to sunny but still freezing st. george. all my siblings were there which made it so awesome, plus my dads girl friend tami is amazing,and papa gotta see his mav. Ty, Mav and if you could'nt tell all cut our hair, thank you Tami. My dad and Tami gave us great gifts for christmas and i love everything thank you so much. I love you guys and i miss you already. i can't wait till were all together again.

meeting santa

Mav saw santa today at day care and as you can see he was really scared of him along with the rest of the class. It was way fun that morning when santa came. Santa got mav a train and a book, he loves his presents!!!

I love Snow!!

so it snowed most of day and of course maverick wanted to run around in it, so we got bundled up and went out. of course i brought my camera along because i love taking pictures. he lasted about ten minutes and then realized how cold it was ( about 22 degrees) and wanted to go inside. Here is a collage I made of mav playing in the snow today!!

Ginger Bread house night!!

This was mav eating our house decor!! :)

Aren't they soooo freaking cute, they are the best of friends, they follow each other everywhere!!!

Here are the Gardner men doing what they do best, not hanging out with the women and being big tough men ugh !!! haha :)

What a cute family( and look and that amazing master piece)

I love this picture of are crazy bunch, we used the timer on my camera and they turned out great!!! Love you guys i hope we can do this every year. Merry Christmas everyone

This was a way fun night i have to give Jayline and Deana credit for it, we had a Ginger bread contest. We got as many as the gardners that could make. It was a total bummer that Dj and cami and the girls couldn't make it but a bug snow storm was coming in. We all bought kits to help with ideas, these houses were not very yummy, of course savannah & maverick thought so , they ate frosting and candy all night. :). Here are some of the funny pics from tonight.

First Snow of the season!!!

so the snow finally fell last night and maverick was so excited to see it. all he wanted to do was play in it and eat it. so this morning we got bundled up and went outside to grab him some snow to eat and headed over to tiff's for breakfast. I can't wait for more snow to fall. hope everyone else enjoys the snow as well.

Nikki & Val's Christmas Pictures!!!

I had tonz of fun taking these pics, the families are so much fun and they are way cute, i also work with the val and nikki so thats i how i got the chance to take these pics. i had a blast taking these and i like how they turned out. I would love to hear your reviews again and any advice you have too. thanks again everyone love jess

*for more cute pics the slide-show is at the bottom so scroll down and check it out*